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Technology Marketing Strategies

Working with growth-oriented emerging technology companies, our mission is to create sustainable  advantage for client companies and their products by problem-solving for market and business model challenges, including identifying market opportunities and developing strategic business and marketing implementation plans.

The focus is on successfully executing projects and programs such as: interim executive services, market segmentation, opportunity analysis, life cycle and market requirements for new product planning, packaging, pricing, and penetration strategies; sales and marketing program design and implementation; company/product positioning; distribution planning. Key relationships include 5 years with Gartner Group and ongoing projects for clients and venture capitalists.

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Mary E.C. Benek
Technology Marketing Strategies

Mary Benek has over twenty years of marketing, sales and general management experience. Her consulting practice of 15 years has focused on emerging markets, developing strategic business and marketing plans for growth-oriented technology companies, and often providing implementation management of these plans as an interim executive.

Mary has completed consulting projects for a broad range of high-technology companies, identifying market opportunities, market entry strategies, implementation tactics, conducting primary and secondary research, market modeling and program development. Technology sectors that Mary has worked in include e-commerce, Internet content, LANs, W-LANs, WANs, Internetworking, enterprise software, telecom, peripherals, professional services, interactive video, storage, consumer entertainment CDs, and PDAs.

Mary has held consulting contracts with Gartner Group, InfoCorp (now ZDComputer Intelligence), BIS Strategic Decisions (now Giga), Dixon Doll and has worked with many venture capital firms in Silicon Valley. A partial list of her large company clients includes Aspect Communications, Ascend Communications, Bay Networks, Cisco Systems, Compaq, 3Com, Hewlett-Packard, NCR, Sun Microsystems, NYNEX, as well as, over 50 start-up companies.

In addition to her consulting, Mary has held management and sales positions for start-up divisions at Northern Telecom, PacTel Information Systems, Xerox, Levi Strauss & Company, as well as, for venture-funded companies, Businessland and Consilium.

Mary served on the Board of Directors for the San Francisco Craft and Folk Art Museum where she was instrumental in developing a ten-year strategic plan that won the museum one of the largest grants from the National Endowment for the Arts. She has also provided pro bono planning assistance to the Fort Mason Foundation and served on the Board of the Churchill Club, a not-for-profit forum for Silicon Valley.  Mary holds a B.S. Degree with Honors in Consumer Textiles with an emphasis in Marketing from the University of California, Davis.

Contact:  Tel: (650) 324-4603

Technology Marketing Strategies
Partial Client List

The Gartner Group (five years)
BIS Strategic Decisions
Compaq (pre - HP merger)
Aspect Telecommunications
Itec  (Sierra Ventures)
ImagOnline  (Vanguard)
Voysys  (Onset)
Sitka  (Sun Micro Division)
Avaika Networks  (Marzak)
Ascend Communications
Diablo Research Spinout (Homenet)
Signal Internet Technologies  (now Entigo)
Women’s Wire  (acquired by iVillage)

InfoCorp  (acquired by Gartner Group)
Dixon Doll, Venture Capitalist
MediaTel  (acquired by Captaris)
Facet Telecom  (Sevin, Rosen)
SoHo Networks  (C. Bass)
Centra Technologies  (ATV)
Performance Tech/Bay Networks (Onset)
Diablo Research
Hewlett Packard
3Com  (Wireless LANs)
NCR Corporation
Nynex Corporation

Key relationships include 5 years with Gartner Group and ongoing projects for clients and venture capitalists.

Technology Marketing Strategies